A "little" adventure/exploration/collectathon game I've been working on in GB Studio.

"W A S D" or the arrow keys to move around, "Z" to interact with things, "Enter" to bring up the "Menu".

On "Restart" you keep all your items. In case you... "die" ;)

There will be 1 "optional" item to collect in each chapter. it's well hidden but collecting 100% of all items will unlock the true ending (When it's done that is). Chapter 1 and 2 has an optional "item" at the moment. Chapter 2 is almost complete as of 0.9.7.

I hope you enjoy.

Known Bugs:

 Giving the "bearded old man" the "item" before speaking to him can apparently soft-lock the game. Possibly fixed in 0.9.7? Cannot reproduce.

Some kind of bug with the software is causing corruption in one of the sprites, I have to manually change the name of the sprite and update it everywhere in the game to keep it from corrupting, let me know if this still happens somewhere.

Change Log: adds a prologue to explain the story a little. And fixes corrupt sprites.

Development log


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One of my favourite things Iv'e played since getting into GBStudio. Been in a slump the last few weeks trying to work out what I want to make for my second game, playing this has done wondering for my drive and motivation.

Tis a big inspiration dude, keep up the great work and thanks a bunch.


Glad to hear it! Thank you and good luck :)

Is the cloud hopping after getting all 8 acorns chapter 2? (it currently only has a looping route (with creature that can't be followed) and a suicidal nothing-to-land-on route)

No it will tell you when chapter 2 starts. There is a solution if you use what you learned ;)

it took me a while, the wind spot felt a bit more narrower than the other two I had encountered.

I will rework that whole idea asap. It's all work in progress and my ideas are a little all over the place sometimes. Feedback is always appreciated!

giving old man the GPS before speaking with him has caused the game to lock up.

I had that bug once, can't reproduce it. Don't know how to fix it ლ(ಥ Д ಥ )ლ

Really cool game! I really like the idle animations of the actors, as it makes the scene feel more alive. The font style is interesting, but maybe a bit hard to read. All in all it looks really good so far! ;)

Thank you! I'll try to improve the font a bit, any letters in particular?

I would look into the alignment of the capital and non-capital letters, it seems like they aren't on the same 'level' / height.

The alignment was intentional to make it stand out, but maybe I need to rethink that design choice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

*Updated* First chapter officially done with a master quest added to progress to chapter 2, chapter 2 still under construction so expect missing content. -RBC